Switch 1.15

Impressive 3D distance racer


  • Graphics are beautiful
  • Great soundtrack
  • Responsive controls


  • Could use a free play mode
  • No custom music option


Switch is one of the best looking games on Android.

Many Android games focus on maximizing gameplay and utilizing simple style or static graphics. Switch changes that whole formula by introducing a fast-paced racing game that presents itself in full 3D. The purpose of Switch is to travel as far as possible while avoiding obstacles and other racers, increasing the maximum distance traveled.

Switch uses a system where the further the player travels, the faster the speed goes. The track includes four lanes. Changing lanes in Switch is as simple as tapping the touch screen, but in the higher distances the amount of control needed borders on twitch response.

Since Switch uses 3D polygons, it also allows the camera to pan to different angles. This adds a small amount of difficulty as players have to avoid oncoming gates and other racers. Visually, Switch is one of the most impressive Android racers released.

Also featuring a bass heavy, club style soundtrack; it is easy to get immersed into Switch. The easy gameplay provides for a very addictive racer. Also supporting OpenFeint, players can see where they rank among tons of others all working towards the farthest distance possible.

Switch is one of most technically impressive games released and combines that with an addictive racer.



Switch 1.15

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