Is this cardboard arcade machine the best thing you can do with a Nintendo Switch?

Patrick Devaney


This cool take on the Nintendo Labo project for Switch is a good idea, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. If you’re not familiar with Nintendo Labo, it is Nintendo’s latest innovative masterpiece. It combines cardboard kits and the plethora of sensors on the Nintendo Switch console to allow users to create all sorts of cool contraptions that they can use to play different games.

Available kits include musical instruments, fishing rods, motorcycles, and more. There have already been some incredible showcases of just how good Nintendo Labo can be. The idea is to get kits creating and eventually moving on to building their own kits and coding the games to go with them. It doesn’t all have to be about learning though, and this cool third-party cardboard kit, by Nyko, is all about fun.

Image via: Nyko – The coin slot can be used as a piggy bank!

The PixelQuest cardboard arcade kit gives Switch owners the chance to build their very own arcade cabinet. It creates a housing for the Joy-Cons and Switch screen and comes with two little bobble head joysticks to complete the experience. The PixelQuest comes complete with grid outlines on the cardboard so that players can use the provided sheet of stickers to adorn their arcade cabinets with unique pixel art creations. There is even a working coin slot that can be used to save your nickels and dimes.

We love the PixelQuest Arcade Kit by Nyko, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one for the office. For just $20 it looks like an absolute bargain that will provide a couple of fun hours’ worth of construction and then a lifetime’s worth of nostalgia to get into. You can expect to see it in stores this Fall.

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